How to Get More Love & Better Sex

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In this 6 Week Tele-Series You’ll Learn:
  • Session 1: Connect With Your Intuition -learn & practice simple fool-proof tricks for tuning into your heart instead of your head in any situation; this is the one trait most likely to call forth the guy of your dreams
  • Session 2: Excavate Your Needs & Wants -discover the inner game of uncovering your own truth beneath the distracting noise of what feels safe and what feels fearful; stop ‘hosting’ your partner and start ‘hosting’ your self
  • Session 3: Express Your Needs & Wants To Others -practice voicing your truth in real time, without fear & shame handicapping you from sharing what’s real
  • Session 4: Honor Your Desires -your desires are unique to you and represent the most sacred uprisings of your truest self, finding the beauty & rightness in them is key to developing deep self esteem
  • Session 5: Make a Clean Request -learn specific techniques that help you say what you want specifically and actually get it, without fear of rejection
  • Session 6: Be Flexible and Open to Collaboration -successful relationships come down to partnership and this requires a willingness to let go of your own perspective and listen to another; you’ll learn how to do this easily no matter how stubborn you or your partner may be
Normally 6 X 90 min live coaching sessions with me costs up to $2700, but in this special class you get 6 X 90 mins of me for 10 X less!

The price of this 6-week training is normally $347.

Right now I’m offering an EXCLUSIVE special just for you by offering a $100 discount.

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Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m seriously going to give this program my very best effort. I also understand that I have a generous 30 days to decide whether or not How To Get What You Want From Your Life & Your Partner is for me. And if I’m not convinced this program is going to help me in my relationships, all I have to do is send you an email that says cancel and you’ll give me a full refund no questions asked.